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Change in the regulatory world of healthcare has yet to reach terminal velocity and appears to be speeding up.
Medicaid and Medicare were signed into law in 1967.

23 years later the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1990 created the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program.

13 years later Medicare Average Sales Price (ASP) was created in Medicare Modernization Act 2003.

4 years later, the industry finally received a Medicaid regulation with the Deficit Reduction Act of 2007 after 17 years of silence.

3 years later, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Since then there has been a flurry of activity as each administration has their own views on healthcare.
With change comes opportunity?
The great news is that with change, we can use those opportunities to refine our thinking and refresh our perspectives.
Let us help you take on those new challenges.
Service and support from Riparian Experts
Refined by decades of experience, our approach is to provide holistic and practical solutions with a focus on defining and attaining our clients’ metrics for success.
Government Program
  • Policies, Procedures & Reasonable Assumptions
  • Fair Market Value / Bona Fide Service Fee Determination
  • Scenario Analysis & Gross-To-Net (GTN) Forecasting
Compliance Program Administration:
  • Compliance Program Setup
  • Compliance Assessments
  • Revenue Leakage Analytics
  • Pricing Restatement Assistance, Litigation Support (e.g., damage calculations, complex data and claims analysis, consultative expert)
Technology & Advanced Data Analytics:
  • Advance Data Science, Data Forensics, and Analytics
  • System Assessments
  • System Implementation and Integration Assistance
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