Introducing Riparian’s Government Pricing & Analytics Software
Government Pricing & Analytics Software
Innovative enterprise for innovative companies.
It’s a magical piece of software.
At 300x’s the speed of its competition, Helix is so fast that no other application can keep up.
It puts the user back in the driver seat because it is completely configurable through our simple user interface.
And it guides the user through the process, making government pricing, dare we say, fun?
Faster Than You Can Say “Government Pricing”
No more waiting for calculations to run. Time is money. We incorporate the latest in cloud computing technologies to reduce wasted hours that cost our industry millions of dollars per year.
60 Seconds
Run a single calculation in 60 seconds when the competition takes 3 hours or 10,800 seconds
300 Times
300 times faster than the competition performing jobs that go from an overnight task to grabbing a cup of coffee
Built-in Revenue Leakage Protection
Our Best Price results drill-downs were developed to quickly identify adjudication errors.
Our built-in analytics and data visualizations allow for customized views to identify anomalies and outliers.
Our software saves you time and money.

Storyboarding: Pin it. Save it. Present it. It’s that simple.

With our built in presentation builder, quickly save analytics and build your certification deck.

You take compliance seriously.
Shouldn't your system of record?

Make updates. Require explanations. Save attachments and notes. Keep it all in one system. Challenge accepted.

Helix was built to be user focused with a goal to alleviate compliance concerns.

The Biggest Thing to Happen to Government Pricing Since... Well the Government
Batting a thousand at finding improvements to our clients’ methodologies or implementations
Calculation accuracy is fundamental to GP and Helix helps ensure that your methodology and calculations align for compliant results
Put the user back in the driver seat with Helix’s completely configurable user interface reducing inefficiencies and errors with the game of telephone
Reduction in required review time which frees up analysts to perform more value-add analytics
Get more. Spend less. Helix is extremely cost-effective and is priced logically. It is a true SaaS unlike the competition providing for continuous upgrades
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